Aquis ondersteunt de aandeelhouders van Integral bij de verkoop aan Gondella

Gondella acquires Integral, the expert in turnkey store remodelling projects and bespoke refrigeration technology

Gondella is expanding its activities to better meet the needs of the rapidly changing retail market by acquiring Integral, based in Eeklo, Belgium.

Ghent, October 12th, 2022 – Gondella announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Belgian company Integral as of the 5th of October 2022. Through this deal, Integral, the expert in turnkey store remodelling projects and bespoke refrigeration technology for the retail segment, such as bakeries, butcher, fresh food, and chocolate shops, will be joining the Gondella Group.

“This merger enhances our portfolio of products and will allow us to achieve our strategic goals to serve as a one-stop-shop partner for our retail customers” says Peter Willems, CEO of the Gondella Group, about the acquisition.

“Acquiring Integral fits into Gondella’s strategy to unburden our customers and to attain more design competencies in-house. Moreover, we add a significant joinery production capacity to the Gondella Group, as well as expertise on a broad range of new materials” Mr Willems continues. “This enables us to present our retail customers with a broader product offer including refrigeration technology and the capacity to design, develop and deliver more custom-made store furniture and wooden products on an industrial scale. Integral also processes stainless steel, natural stone, and composites.”

“With Gondella, we found a partner who will enable us to grow further, both in Belgium and abroad.” says Laurent De Puydt, CEO of Integral. “The two companies’ complementary strengths create synergies in terms of product innovation, design, and product development expertise to the benefit of both our customers. We are very much looking forward for the mutual opportunities that lie ahead”.

Special thank you to Francis Gevaert and Jan Eelbode from Aquis Corporate finance who brought Integral and Gondella together and guided both parties through this M&A process.

About Gondella Group

Founded in 1965, the Gondella Group designs and develops, manufactures, sells, and mounts high-quality and elegant store fittings and concepts that puts the in-store customer experience first. The international manufacturer and shop remodelling partner is specialised in retail stores from a wide range of sectors, including supermarkets, DIY, beauty & health, etc.

Gondella’s current product offer includes modular shelving systems – manufactured in-house – as well as front-of-store fittings like (self-scan) checkouts, guidance solutions and self-service solutions. Next to that they specialise in custom metalworks and tailor-made store furniture.

From their sites in Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic, the company is known to deliver quickly and efficiently anywhere in Europe. From the first sketch to the finished product, customers rely on Gondella to provide unique solutions within a short lead time.

About Integral nv

Integral was established in 1985 and is based in Belgium near the city of Eeklo. The company has a long tradition in turnkey and store refurbishment projects for a broad range of industries. From A to Z, they will work out inspiring interior concepts for bakeries and butchers, but also cheese shops, fish shops, caterers, hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants.

The company is especially well known for their unique capability to manufacture tailor-made refrigeration solutions, refrigerated counters and cold display units to complete their customer’s

projects successfully